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    Pony Club Australia Nationals Competition in Toowoomba, 2017 - Expression of Interest

    Vicki Jans, Monday, 20 March 2017

    Seeking "Expressions of Interest" for the Pony Club Australia Nationals in Toowoomba | QLD, 18-22 September 2017.

    If you are keen to attend the Pony Club Australia National Championships in Toowoomba | QLD in September please complete an Expression of Interest Form.  Information on Standard of Compeition, requirements for performance records and selection process is detailed below!



    NATIONAL QUIZ (new for 2017) RULES

    Contact Tracy Hosier on 0414 680 554

    Standard of Competition

    The National Championships will be conducted under the current Pony Club Australia Rules

    • Junior - Ordinary Member under 17 years at the 1st January
    • Senior - Associate Member 17 and under 26 years at the 1st January
    Dressage Showjumping   Eventing Tetrathlon


    • EA Novice and Elementary


    • 1.05m - Maximum start height 
      of first Championship event


    • Dressage Phase - EA Novice
    • Cross Country Phase - Maximum Height 95 cm
    • Showjumping - Maximum Height 95 cm


    • Riding phase max height 85cm, criteria for other phases TBC


    • EA Elementary


    • 1.10m - Maximum start height 
      of first Championship event


    • Dressage Phase - Elementary
    • Cross Country Phase - Maximum Height 1.05m
    • Showjumping - Maximum Height 1.05m


    • Riding phase max height 90cm, criteria for other phases TBC

    Pony Club Australia Tetrathlon Rules 2017

    Team Selection Process

    The following criteria will be used by the Selectors when determining the Teams:

    • All combinations will be considered, including riders with two mounts, each combination will be rated independently by each Selector using a point scale.
    • The Selectors will come together with their scores for each combination to make the final choice.

    Consideration will be given to the following:

    • Recent performances at all levels of competition
    • Current form at or above the National Championship competition criteria
    • Experience and length of time at Grade1/A Grade
    • Performance at PCA State Championships at Grade 1/A Grade
    • Performances at Pony Club Events
    • Performances at Equestrian Australia and Schools competitions

    Riders with Two Horses for Consideration:

    • Riders who submit two horses for consideration will be selected on the best performed horse.
    • If their second horse also rated within the top 8 it will be added as a second mount for that rider should their first mount be unavailable due to injury

    Performance Records

    Riders wishing to compete in Dressage, Showjumping and Horse Trials are required to collect information about their recent performances as part of the selection process.  These records must be submitted by 21st April 2017.

    Dressage  |  Showjumping  |  Horse Trials

    NOTE:  National Mounted Games and Tetrathlon are not required to complete performance records as they selection process is via squads or training clinics.



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