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    Annual General Meeting & 55th Annual Conference 2017

    Suanne Waugh, Friday, 8 September 2017

    The Annual General Meeting of Pony Club Victoria will be conducted on SAT, 14 OCT 2017.

    Annual General Meeting & 55th Annual Conference 2017

    PCAV Annual General Meeting and 55th Annual Conference will be held on Saturday 14th October 2017 at the Mulgrave Country Club, Mulgrave. 

    All affiliated Pony Clubs are voting members of Pony Club Victoria and as such should register their intention to attend or submit an apology to the meeting.  If nominating as an apology a Club may send someone as the Club's proxy to vote on decisions at the Annual General Meeting.


    What happens at the AGM & Annual Conference?

    Annual General Meeting

    PCAV State Council members are elected at the AGM and the Annual Report of the Association is presented to the membership.

    Annual Conference

    The Annual Conference is a chance for exchanging ideas, networking, contributing to the greater view and planning for Pony Club in to the future.

    Everyone is welcome to attend the Annual Conference.  If you think you have a topic that would be interesting to raise in this public forum have a chat with your Club.  Clubs are invited to submit topics for discussion to the Annual Conference.  These topics must be received in writing with a brief subject explanation by 5PM Friday 8th September 2017.  

    Clubs are the members of PCAV and should RSVP to the Annual General Meeting as attending or submit an apology.  

    RSVP:  FRIDAY  29th SEPTEMBER 2017, 5:00PM  |  RECORD ATTENDANCE/APOLOGY (for Clubs & Guests)


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